If you have eating, dieting, or body image concerns our specialised treatment can help

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Supporting the development of positive relationships between food, mind, body and self

We specialise in treatment of eating disorders and health without dieting. With over 20 years experience, our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians and Lived Experience Consultants are highly capable of guiding you throughout your journey. You will play a pivotal role in treatment, working alongside experienced practitioners to move beyond food and body concerns. We collaborate with family members and your treating team to enhance success, and can connect you with our network of specialist health professionals as needed.

Our Services

Food: Enjoy a variety of nourishing food


Enjoy a variety of nourishing food
Mind: Positively manage your thoughts and emotions


Positively manage your thoughts and emotions
Appreciate and accept your unique body


Appreciate and accept your unique body
Self: Practice self‐compassion and kindness


Practice self‐compassion and kindness

The FMB Difference

Clinical help with a friendly face

At FMB we combine evidence based treatments with our nutritional knowledge and a range of psychological techniques to deliver an effective treatment plan for eating disorders, weight and dietary concerns, and chronic disease. More than a patient, you and your loved ones are a key part of the team when it comes to informing the best treatment for you. 



With over 20 years experience, our staff are passionate and highly capable of providing guidance in your journey.

Our Team

Shane Jeffrey

Director & Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Megan Bray

Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Personal Trainer

Tanya Kretschmann

Consumer Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dietitians with experience in eating disorder treatment are in a unique position to support individuals in recovery. Eating disorders are a psychological illness with severe medical consequences. Dietitians support individuals to establish regular and adequate nutrition which supports medical stability and cognitive capacity to undertake psychological treatment. Once this foundation is established dietitians support clients to eradicate food fears, enjoy social eating occasions, and create a sustainable relationship with food. 

  • YES. Dieting is a known risk factor for development of eating disorders, as well as weight gain and poor health outcomes over time. They are largely unsustainable and damage our relationship to food and our body. There is an alternative. At FMB we support clients to practice intuitive eating; that is, eating in response to appetite, satisfaction and taste. This evidence based approach improves physical and psychological wellbeing while offering freedom from the dieting cycle. 

  • Eating disorder development is a complex interplay of genetic, psychological and environmental factors. Engaging a specialist multidisciplinary team involving a General Practitioner, Accredited Practising Dietitian and/or Psychologist is a valuable first step. We can connect you with specialist team as part of our treatment process.

    It is also be helpful to learn more about eating disorders. Take a look at our Resources and Services page where you will find key literature relating to eating disorder recovery and a range of evidence based services. 

  • Dietetic Consultations:

    Shane Jeffrey- $150

    Megan Bray – $140

    Lived Experience Consultations:

    Tanya Kretschmann – $90

  • We offer Skype sessions for individuals both nationally and internationally. 

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